What is Fungal Nappy Rash?

A baby’s skin is very delicate and easily irritated. Most babies will get nappy rash at some point before their first birthday and it is easy for the rash to then become fungally infected.

Nappy rash is a skin irritation that affects the skin around your baby's nappy area.

When baby’s skin is exposed to irritants such as urine or faeces from wet or dirty nappies they can develop nappy rash. Germs on your baby's skin can change harmless chemicals in the urine into chemicals like ammonia. Naturally occuring candida yeast can then find its way into the rash resulting in a fungal infection which can be really uncomfortable for your baby.

Having a nappy on for too long isn't the only cause. Many babies get nappy rash no matter how clean and dry their bottom is. Instead it can be the result of the nappy rubbing against sensitive skin or using perfumed wipes, powders and soaps which may irritate the skin.